My Story

Beck Computing started as a diversion. After taking a hiatus from the corporate and government contract world to spend time with family, I found myself in search of something to help fill the days. Many friends, family and corporate contacts expressed a frustration with the resources available to them in solving technical issues.

What really surprised me was that what people wanted most was someone to guide their decision making and to know that someone with experience was watching the big picture from a technological point of view. The fact that I could help others and still spend the majority of my day working from home made this a great opportunity in my eyes. From the number of referrals my clients give me I can only assume they think it works as well. In fact, Beck Computing does absolutely no advertising. If you are reading this, it is most likely because someone referred you here.

Every company has sensitive information. Most companies try very hard to limit the number of people who have access to this information, but typically forget the one person who has access to everything - the "computer guy". Beck Computing has clients in a wide variety of industries - financial, medical, e-commerce, etc. My promise to them, and every customer, is that Beck Computing will conduct itself with absolute integrity in every situation. We will strive to act in the client's best interests.